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Yoga  is  The union of mind and body

Tap into your natural gift to heal 

physically, mentally, and emotionally

By dropping into the flow state of your yoga practice combining breath work with both stretching and strengthening, you will allow yourself to "practice" a ritual that promotes overall health and well-being.  In order to feel better, and continue feeling optimal, you must look at the whole picture, the whole body. 

When you have a consistent yoga practice, you not only are taking care of your physical form, but benefiting all of the systems of the body aiding in circulation, respiration, cognitive function, gland function, immune system function, digestion, and nervous system function. 

From aiding in anxiety, to digestive issues, there are endless benefits you may see by cultivating a consistent practice.  Yoga can be a moving meditation if you allow it to be, therefore, bridging the gap between the mind and the body, where so many of us lack connection, finding the missing piece to the puzzle of our struggles.  

Yoga by the Sea

Private  Yoga

Work with me one on one to:

  • Learn the basics of yoga 

  • Fine tune your practice

  • Get feedback and personalized instruction on a certain pose, breath work, or meditation.

We can work in any space you feel comfortable!

Yoga on Beach

Sea Girt Beach Yoga

Summer 2021 I am teaching Saturdays 8am. 

Follow me on Instagram or facebook to stay up to date on days that I will be doing pop-ups or subbing.

All classes are $10, cash or venmo. Just show up!

Beginner friendly.

Trenton Blvd, Sea Girt, NJ

July & August daily AM & PM

Yoga Class

Inlet Yoga


Join my "core flow" here at Inlet Yoga in Manasquan, NJ.  These classes are in person in the studio, and also streamed on zoom.  This is my "home' studio full of good people and friends.  This class is all levels.


Community building, Trust (in self and others), promoting play, creativity, FUN! and so much more ... 

There are many aspects of the practice of Acroyoga! First and foremost, it is FUN!  Get creative and play as an adult, while also receiving so many other benefits.  “L basing” can also be therapeutic.  Counterbalances, "L basing" and partner stretching are all practices us monkeys enjoy and love that involve human touch.

“Therapeutic Flying” involves the flyer receiving passive assisted stretching while inverting the upper body from the hips to the top of the head. The spine decompresses and lengthens with gravity on its side. The flyer receives an amazing release of stress and tension built up in the entire back, shoulders, and neck. Anyone with SI joint pain, neck and back pain, and other common discomforts, will walk away feeling incredibly restored and relaxed. The base works the core and the legs while stabilizing the flyer, and at the same time opening up the hamstrings

Want to learn? I would love to show you the basics, help you on a certain skill you are working on with a partner, or allow you to receive the benefits of Thai yoga massage.  



Thai Yoga Stretching

Thai yoga massage is also incorporated into the therapeutic side of Acroyoga. Passive assisted stretching while supported by the floor. as well as therapeutic flying, are both ways to relieve stress sometimes even more than a typical massage could.  


The benefits of human touch has proven by scientific research. Studies show that human touch correlates with decreased violence, trust, stronger immune systems, and strengthened team dynamics.


More  than physical

Communication Skills are strengthened, improving relationships, by learning to be clearer with verbal and non communication. It helps us learn to be more sensitive and intuitive to others. By physically working together we also learn to make more fluid movements with intention.

Acroyoga opens you up for growth as you learn to trust not only yourself, but others. With patience and breath, you may find yourself letting go of fears safely with the support of complete strangers.


in  Community 

Community is built when trust is gained, interaction happens, and we step out of our personal asana practice. In the hopes to create the loving and supporting communities in cities around the world, I share this practice. We must connect, interact, and support each other to really build a real community, and then we can wholeheartedly and honestly say that we take our independent yoga practice and initiate connection, practicing compassion, non-judgement, and love, consideration, and better understanding.

stay up to date on all the fun and keep evolving!

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