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Invest in your life!

I would love to provide one on one support specific to your needs and goals

Yoga or Acroyoga

Let's Get Physical

Learn the basics of the practice, fine tune your practice, get feedback and personalized instruction on a certain skill, breath work, or meditation.  This can be private, with a partner, or a small group.  

Life Coaching

Break On Through

Dive into what is standing in the way of the life of your dreams, and create a plan that you believe in to make it happen through life coaching package that is tailored for your unique desires and goals. 6 weeks, one session per week.

Coaching + Movement

All Around Awesome

Take the absolute most out of your experience by combing life coaching and movement.  Reach your best self by connecting everything that makes up you as a human all around powerhouse!

6 weeks. Two sessions per week.  One coaching, and one yoga, acroyoga, surf, or S.U.P.

or create your own package!

let me know what you desire ...

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stay up to date on all the fun and keep evolving!

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