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The motto for Sandy for Life... is how I aim to live daily!


Even in the cold NJ winters I always found a way to create summer all year round with how I created my environment. 


My mission as a coach, yoga teacher, and a guide is to help you be Sandy for Life too!


My passion for travel, culture and nature; especially the sun and ocean has taken me on incredible adventures that shaped who I am and how I work. 

When I lived in Costa Rica I decided to embark on my yoga teaching journey and now have various certifications in yoga, acroyoga, kids yoga, stand up paddle yoga, anatomy and postural adjustments, strength training & conditioning, and reiki.  


From the age of 4, I was a natural working with little humans.  My family is full of nurturing, kind women, and therefore so was I.  It only made sense for me to start working with children as my first job ever.  I have continued to do so teaching with yoga, surf and mindfulness so that they embody the fundamentals of what these practices bring and how it shapes them to be well balanced people.


Back home in New Jersey I’m a second mom to my niece and realized the energy it takes to be a mother and give until there’s nothing left. 


Not only do I see it first hand but also working with other women who are working moms juggling the “I do it all” lifestyle.


Inspired by a sense to support my clients better and being fully immersed in the wellness industry I added life coaching to my credentials as I firmly believe wellness starts in the mind and body.


Because I don’t want to see women like you constantly giving so much of themselves that they put their own lives, careers, and dreams on the backburner, I created Sandy for Life Coaching!


I’m not your typical life coach by the way. 


Get the support you need AND we add what’s needed to shake things up a bit and be carefree to enjoy YOURSELF.


AcroYoga? Surf? Fitness and Yoga? All these modalities not just add huge changes but they create a special bond with your confidence, trust and self-love.


The most powerful shifts happen with personal 1:1 coaching with a side of FUN! Women need to enjoy themselves more outside in nature, in adventure and re-discovering the summer inside of their hearts.


One of the many reasons why I choose to teach acroyoga is because of the opportunity to learn communication, connection, and trust for yourself and others.


**All the sessions and classes are accessible to any level, meeting you where you are.**


The most important constant throughout my whole life aside from my family, has been aspiring to succeed at an enjoyable, heartfelt, change making career.  To spend every moment in this physical body as happily as I can, and my purpose, is to support others to do the same.   


I invite you to try a group class or a 1:1 session to see how to get Sandy For Life!

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