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your dreams
are within reach

start living the life 

you've always imagined...

Stand in the light,

reach your goals and desires,

and reignite your zest for life!

These movement practices that have provided immense transformation and empowerment for me in my lifetime.  Combine them with 1:1 life coaching and be on your way to feeling great.


move your body

challenge yourself

create new & fun rituals and habits


Build yourself up in more ways than one, and most importantly, have fun.

let me support you as you:
burn through blockages, face fears, and
become your own number one fan.  


Surf + S.u.p.

When you learn to read the energy of water, you will learn to flow like water, with intuition, appreciation, ease,

patience, and love.



Your breath, linked with movement, has the potential to heal your body.  If you listen, you will learn something new about yourself everyday.



Trust yourself, trust others, learn non-verbal communication, all while benefitting from human touch.  Play, create, vibrate.

About Me

The motto Sandy for Life is how I live daily. Even in the cold NJ winters I always found a way to create summer all year round with how I created my environment. 


My mission as a coach, yoga teacher, and a guide is to help you be Sandy for Life too!


My passion for travel, culture and nature; especially the sun and ocean has taken me on incredible adventures that shaped who I am and how I work. 


When I lived in Costa Rica I decided to embark on my yoga teaching journey and now have various certifications in yoga, acroyoga, kids yoga, stand up paddle yoga, anatomy and postural adjustments, strength training & conditioning, and reiki.  


From the age of 4, I was a natural working with little humans.  My family is full of nurturing, kind women, and therefore so was I.  It only made sense for me to start working with children as my first job ever.  I have continued to do so teaching with yoga, surf and mindfulness so that they embody the fundamentals of what these practices bring and how it shapes them to be well balanced people.


stay up to date on all the fun and keep evolving!

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